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Every week, host Anton Vialtsin (California attorney and YouTuber) discusses legal cases from the Supreme Court, 9th Circuit, and California State Courts. We focus on the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments. We make predictions and scrutinize the law. Anton Vialtsin handled hundreds of federal and state criminal cases. He has an in-depth knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the Federal Criminal Codes and Rules, mandatory-minimum sentences, the death penalty, and too many state laws to list.
Dozens of federal cases Anton Vialtsin managed involved individuals charged with the importation and distribution of controlled substances, all punishable by ten-year minimum mandatory sentence (21 USC §§ 952, 960, 963). Considering that the Southern District of California is a border district and one of the busiest in the country, he defended many individuals charged with transportation and harboring of illegal aliens (8 USC §1324), misuse of a passport, and illegal entry into the United States (8 USC §1326). Further, he worked on several transportation-of-illegal-aliens cases where the transportation resulted in death, triggering the possibility of the death penalty. Additionally, he worked on a number of cases involving individuals charged with complex wire and mail fraud violations, aggravated identity theft, and theft of public property.
While handling federal cases, Anton Vialtsin also runs a successful California state practice. He handled misdemeanor and serious felony cases ranging from DUIs to gang-related violent assaults and attempted murder. Through motion practice, he recently negotiated a one-year jail term on an attempted murder charge. [People of California v. K.M.] Mr. Vialtsin also defended the chief marketing officer of a bank facing a twenty-two count fraud indictment with losses of nearly one million dollars. The government’s offer and the probation department’s recommendation was over eight years in prison. Anton Vialtsin prepared a convincing sentencing memorandum outlining alternative dispositions to the Court, which later imposed a probationary sentence without any custody. People of California v. K.P.
Anton Vialtsin also recently convinced an AUSA to dismiss the case against a client charged with possessing with intent to distribute approximately 34.5 pounds of methamphetamine, in violation of Title 21 USC Sec. 841(a)(1). USA v. J.A.
In his most prominent case, the bank filed suit in California seeking enforcement of a $30 million judgment from Russia under the Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act. The Court granted summary judgment in favor of his client because the bank failed to establish sufficient service for the Russian lawsuit as required by California law. OAO Alfa-Bank v. Yakovlev

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