Joker Projected to Make $82 Mil Opening Weekend - Collider Live #223


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It's Friday and there's a new blink-182 album out now! Are they gonna talk about it on the show? Of course not! Instead we're gonna talk about Joker for the 847th time because THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT! We'll also take some phone calls, scream some nonsense, and I think we're giving away a couple of tickets to ORLAAAAAAAAANDOOOOOOO!!!!!!

2:10 Kristian is seeing Rod Stewart

4:00 Kristian saw Judy

13:30 Making fun of Rocha

22:00 Holly Hunter might hate Winston

25:50 Joker projected to make a bunch of money

32:20 Shia LaBeouf on Hot Ones

38:45 Tango and Cash 2?

42:00 New 20th Century Fox logo

51:00 Phone calls


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