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Vanessa Taylor, freelance colorist for the films The Great Gatsby and Lady Macbeth, joins me on this episode of the Colorist Podcast.

Vanesa has over 20 years experience in the industry. She got her start working at Animal Logic, working on the Quantel Henry as an Online Editor. After that, she moved on to the DI department at Park Road Post.

She’s worked on projects from Joss Whedon, Baz Luhrmann and Peter Jackson. She’s based out of the UK, but travels worldwide to work on a variety of different independent films.

On this podcast, we talk about:

  • Her experience with Quantel Henry, Pablo, eQ and iQ served as a basis for her career
  • How she moved on to Park Road Post
  • Knowing when to do a visual effects shot in a color grading application
  • Working on a big budget feature film and where your contribution can fit it
  • Learning several color systems
  • Balancing the tech and art of color grading
  • HDR and what it means creativity for colorists
  • Working in other countries and their perceptions of color
  • Running a session and how to keep it flowing
  • The lowering cost of color grading systems and what it means for working colorists today
  • The formation of the colorist society and how we benefit from joining together

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