15. Julián Castro's Common Census


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Julián Castro served as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas before joining the Obama administration as housing secretary. And he was briefly in the race for president, the only Latinx candidate in the 2020 Democratic primary. But he admits he still gets stagefright. When he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, “for the first 30 seconds, I thought I was going to pass out on-stage in front of 25 million people watching,” he tells host Rebecca Carroll. “That's my advice for people just getting into it: be prepared for the nerves at the beginning, but then it'll be fine.” These days he’s stumping for the U.S. Census and he’s encouraging undocumented people to participate. “[Organizers] can’t take that information and turn it over to Immigration,” he says. “I know that it takes a little bit of a leap of faith during this Trump era especially, but that is what the law says and that’s how the law will be enforced.” Plus, we end the podcast season as we began it, with Rebecca’s best friend, Caryn Rivers.

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