CFC 67 - Camile Theobald vs Chris Lamadieu


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UNDERCARD BATTLES: Bobby Sheehan vs Nathan Orton, Julie Ray vs Fluke Human, Sarah Hartshorne vs Robby Leon, Shawn Gardini vs Amamah Sardar

MAIN EVENT: Brian Bargainer vs Camile Theobald

OFFICALS: Justin Lanza, Andrew Casertano, Niko Pav

JUDGES: Patrick Schroeder, Mike Cannon, Remy Kassimir, Brendan Sagalow

HOST: Matt Maran

This episode was recorded on Sunday January 12th. This show is recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC, go watch live and free every Sunday at 9PM! Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club LIVE every Wednesday at 10:30pm online for FREE ONLY on Once you're there, become a member and gain access to our entire archive of episodes! Use promo code CFC and save 15% at sign up!

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