Scrambled EGG


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Comedy duo Egg - Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini - write and star in this brand-new comedy special, exploring what it means to be mixed race, and their very different experiences growing up in the UK. An increasingly surreal dinner date turns into a trip down memory lane for the pair, as a curt waitress guides them grudgingly through some of their formative mixed-race memories. Through break-out sketches, the duo narrowly avoid coming to blows with streetwise teenage schoolgirls Jacanda and Malika on the streets of north west London, culturally appropriate their own cultural heritage in a Portakabin in Nottingham, and befuddle renowned Race and Socio-Political expert Professor Jojo Mojojo with a simple question. All the while waiting for their main course to arrive. Can the mixed-race experience really be defined in a single comedy special? The Egg girls aren’t sure, but they take a crack at it in Scrambled Egg. Cast: Anna - Anna Leong Brophy Emily - Emily Lloyd-Saini Waitress – Rebecca Boey Written by Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini Producer: Mobashir Dar A CPL production for BBC Radio 4

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