Bodhi J.M.S Ryder creator of the Manga series The Curseborn Saga chats with Galaxy


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In this episode Bodhi J.M.S Ryder creator of the Manga hit series The Curseborn Sage chats with your favorite host Galaxy about his amazing life, living with monks, and what led him to where he is at today.

Bodhi is an adventurer, author, rock climber, and overall seeker of conquering the impossible. He was around 20 years old when he first moved to Japan with a backpack of belongings and the dream to see a different world. He lived in a village called Hirosaki for two years while studying the culture and teaching English to middle school students. At the age of 23, not long after returning from Japan, Bodhi picked up a pen and began creating his first project, the Curseborn Saga with two of his best mates (Squall D. Ace | Simon Gatsu Sandoval) and his brother (Elnath D. Shanks). At the time, Bodhi was trying to balance finishing up his degree in Japanese while teaching himself how to create and write. Despite his best attempts, he eventually dropped out of University, choosing to dedicate his heart and soul to writing. He decided to choose his own teachers in the form of his favorite authors, and looked for ways to sharpen his abilities through their published work. At 27, close to the end of finishing the first book, Bodhi went through an emotional heartbreak with the love of his life, and nearly abandoned the project. With his life in shambles, Bodhi left the US on a one way flight to Paris, where he ended up going on the adventure of his life, backpacking through six countries including France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Upon taking the ferry from Italy to Barcelona, he decided to test the true limitations of myself and bicycled across Spain with only an old map he found on the streets to guide him. During his journey across Spain, his Camino de Santiago if you will, he met his brother in Pamplona, and together they ran with the bulls. Hemingway had it right. There is something majestic about Pamplona and the people who live there, but that is another story altogether. After Spain, Bodhi ended up selling the bicycle he had bought in Italy for 40 euro and hitch-hiking with four Australians to surf Biarritz and Hossegor in France. It was a journey unlike anything else he had ever done, and somewhere along the way he realized that he couldn't abandon everything he had started. People lose sometimes. That doesn't make them weak. But what makes you strong is continuing despite that loss. ​Finding what he was looking for inside, Bodhi returned home to finish what he started, to become something he had not been before, and to carve his name into the stars with the help of his friends, his family and the dreams that have guided him thus far on this wild ride.

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