The danger of "at all costs" success


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Webcomics pros Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking comics! In this episode, the guys talk about the cartoonist from history that they would have most appreciated a chance to be tutored by. Then, Dave delivers an update on how Backerkit has been working out for him. After that, Dave points out that Brad keeps saying "Time is a continuum," but... what does that actually MEAN? Next, Brad references a recent social-media post by Joe Rogan that glorifies success — at all costs. Brad and Dave talk about how dangerous — and counterproductive — that kind of attitude is. And finally, Dave has some financial advice for cartoonists" Plan for a recession NOW.

BUT FIRST... Ikea is offering inspirational e-mails, and Dave wants to know what's in those messages.


  • 00:00 — Inspirational Ikea
  • 07:17 — 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary
  • 12:25 — Which cartoonist would you love to have had as a tutor?
  • 24:54 — Backerkit
  • 31:50 — Stretch break!
  • 32:40 — What does "Time is a continuum" mean?
  • 40:45 — The danger of "at all costs" success
  • 52:04 — Prepare NOW for a recession

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Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.

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