Comics With Kenobi #79 -- Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!


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In the last issue of The Last Jedi Adaptation #6 there's a redemption that plays out so well, it should have been in the film it was adapting.
In the pages of Darth Vader #21, there's an image of Anakin so horrifying that you'll need to pour bleach on your brain.
We're also beginning a new segment: A letters page. Ben Lewitt joins Jeff and Matt to talk about character representation in the pages of Doctor Aphra Annual #2. It's an intriguing discussion.
This week's Star Wars comics include:
Star Wars #54Lando: Double or Nothing #5Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Hardcover (Collects Issues 1-8, The Screaming Citadel #1 and Star Wars #31-32)Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Menace Revealed Trade Paperback (Collects Star Wars: Jango Fett -- Open Seasons #1-4, Star Wars (1998) #7-18 and material from Star Wars Tales #8, #21-24)
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