Overrated Ep. 35: Houston Debate Recap & Taylor Swift's Lover Resurgence


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In this marathon podcast Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta recap the third Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston (1:15), including the moderators (4:00) and how issues should be covered (8:45). They then ask two questions about each candidate: Amy Klobuchar (24:00), Cory Booker (27:45), Pete Buttigieg (30:00), Beto O'Rourke (41:00), Bernie Sanders (46:15), Joe Biden (51:00), Elizabeth Warren (58:15), Kamala Harris (1:00:15), Julian Castro (1:01:15), Andrew Yang (1:04:15). Finally, they dive into the Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun saga (1:12:00), Swift's plan to re-record her old music (1:21:00), the legacy of Reputation (1:23:30), her resurgence in the new album Lover (1:29:30), and the lasting parallel with Kanye West (1:33:45). Candidate '20 Questions' Timestamps:

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