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In this episode, commARCH has a dialogue with Jason Pelski, of Johnson Controls, Robert Bray, of Autodesk, and Dan Isaacs, of the Digital Twin Consortium, to discuss the possibilities offered by new digital twin technologies to enhance the full pipeline of AEC projects.
Areas covered include: the challenges – and solutions – to implementing digital twin frameworks; developing cohesive ecosystems of interlocking digital threads to drive data-driven decision-making; and operational considerations for adopting digital twin technologies across a wide range of use cases.
Jason Pelski is Digital Platform Product Management Director at Johnson Controls, managing data-driven platforms like Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Pelski previously served in product roles with companies like Motorola, Tyco Security, and Microsoft.
Robert Bray is General Manager of Autodesk Tandem, incubating a new business initiative within Autodesk with a mission to transform the built asset lifecycle with Digital Twin technology and solutions. In his 23 years at Autodesk, Bob has served in several critical product development roles and has led the product development of BIM360 Design and Autodesk InfraWorks. Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Missouri.
Dan Isaacs is CTO at Digital Twin Consortium, where he is responsible for setting the technical direction, liaison partnerships and support for new memberships. Previously, Dan was Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Xilinx and represented Xilinx for the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). He has more than 25 years of experience working in automotive, mil/aero and consumer-based companies including Ford, NEC, LSI Logic and Hughes Aircraft.
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