How PDR Cultivates Innovation in Design and Business | cA Weekly 10/21


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In this episode, commARCH has a dialogue with Lauri Goodman Lampson, President and CEO at PDR, and Larry Lander, Principal at PDR, to discuss PDR’s focus on deep client relationships and their aims for the future of architecture.
Lauri Goodman Lampson is President and CEO at PDR. Lauri is a business visionary who challenges founders and executives to rethink their approach to work and place. As PDR’s President and CEO, she is the mastermind behind the firm’s innovative business model and integrated approach to consulting, design and brand services.
Larry Lander is a Principal at PDR. An architect and a pragmatic futurist, he has an innate ability to vividly portray possible futures that are rooted firmly in the present. As a Principal and PDR’s Director of Programming, he guides business leaders to ask more of their workplaces — to consider what is, what if, and why change?
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