Using Glass to Enhance Life Safety and Occupant Experience with TGP's Devin Bowman | cA Weekly


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In this episode, commARCH has a dialogue with Devin Bowman, General Manager at TGP, to discuss the complex problems presented by health and safety concerns in education building design.
Areas covered include: developing comprehensive solutions to life safety requirements like fire-ratings and resistance to forced entry; marrying the needs for safety and health to design questions regarding occupant experience like high visibility glass, and addressing TGP’s long-standing approach to providing offerings that meet a wide range of standards and use cases.
Devin Bowman is General Manager of TGP and AD Systems at Allegion. Bowman has been with TGP for nearly 20 years,through a variety of roles which have given him perspective into numerous aspects of both TGP’s own business and of the industry at large. A graduate of the University of Washington, Bowman has also served as International Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales at TGP.
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