As 2020 Comes To A Close, Do We Dare Ask What 2021 Brings?


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Enjoy Christmas with your family, but don’t enjoy it too much, or for too long, or with too much of your family. That was the message from Boris Johnson this week as a coronavirus spike sparked a rethink of the government’s festive Covid message. Is the government right to emphasise personal responsibility over the long arm of the state?

Not content with one national emergency, the prime minister also agreed to extend Brexit negotiations again. There’s renewed hope that a deal might be coming to fruition but both sides are still apprehensive about appearing too positive.

In the final episode of 2020 (usual Brexit caveats apply), Arj Singh, Paul Waugh, Rachel Weatmouth and Conservative MP Lee Rowley look back at the past week, as well as the past year, in Westminster, and wonder what might be on the horizon.

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