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For my first full-length Podcast, we have the hall of fame speed and track & field coach Dan Pfaff. Dan has coached at every level from high school to world-record-holding Olympic Medals. Dan's impact on the world of coaching cannot be overstated. His contribution to the world of sprinting is unparalleled but now has become the go-to person for all sports for professional development in coaching. From hurling to cricket you can see coach Pfaff's influence. At the recording of this podcast Dan's athletes 10 World Championships, 11 Olympic Medals, and Five World Records. Coach Pfaff has coached a total 111 athletes who have represented their countries at international championships.


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An educator at heart we discussed:

The importance of the journey,

How vital it is to have a peer group

How to be able to zoom in and out when it comes to training design

The challenge language plays in developing a common lexicon for better dissemination of ideas and methods.

Who is good to have in an auditor circle for difficult problems.

What would coaches say about him?

The dangers facing coaching today.

Where the profession of coaching must go for the future.

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