Episode 10 Buddy Morris Hall of Fame NFL Strength Coach Arizona Cardinals


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Buddy Morris is a force of nature this is an unvarnished conversation with colorful language abound. Buddy holds nothing back in his honest approach to four decades of sports development. In this particular conversation, I allowed coach to dive into his stream of consciousness and take me along for the ride. We discussed athletic development at the professional level and the importance of variation. He discusses the value of sprinting above all other modalities especially in a year without a lot of contact with NFL professionals. He explains his worry about personal trainers and therapists who might not be entirely altruistic in their motives when dealing with multi-million dollar athletes. We discuss what coach Morris has learned from the likes of Dan Pfaff and Louie Simmons. He details numerous stories about the recovery process, rehab, and work-to-rest ratios for the best path to sport readiness. I thoroughly enjoy my time with Buddy.

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