Episode 11 Robert Assise Nationally Renowned Jumps Coach and Clinician


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It is my great pleasure to present to you today Coach Robert Assise, nationally renowned jumps coach, writer, and clinician. Founding father of Fieldfocus. Coach of scores of all-state athletes in the jumps and frequent contributor to Simplifaster. Rob and I covered a lot of ground in our 1.5-hour talk. Coach Assise discussed the development of jumpers at the high school level through testing and talent identification. He laid out strategies for coaching numerous jumpers across all the power events. We went into great detail on how he lays out weeks of training and the modifications made over time. We followed this segment with a deep dive on isometrics and strength training in general for jumpers that he has developed over time. No doubt for everyone who wants to learn how to develop explosive power or as the kids say "get bunnies" this is a must-listen!

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