Episode 12: Stuart McMillan International Olympic Coach and CEO of ALTIS


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It was my great pleasure to have one of the most prolific Olympic coaches in history on my podcast, Stuart McMillan. Coach and I started our discussion on the importance of the rare centrist. We talked about his early mentors and even his own athletes as teachers. Coach McMillan explained the importance of developing a relationship where the athletes become more a part of the process in their training and advocates in high-performance sport. He and I then chatted on aspects of ALTIS that seem to separate them from others. We spend a lot of time discussing their trackside therapy. Stu then educates the audience on the importance of integrated experts throughout all levels of sports performance and the successes of the UK model in the build-up to the Olympics.

We moved our conversation to the future of amateur sport and its survival hinging upon people like Paul Doyle. I then asked him his thoughts about unique ways to build commerce in track and field like gambling. Coach went on to lay out the challenge of everyone being a part of the change to improve the sport and how especially important stakeholders who want to reform things must step up if they want the sport to improve. We finish our conversation with ALTIS's recent initiatives to provide opportunities to people of color and woman coaches.

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