Episode 13: JT Ayers Head Boy's Coach Trabuco Hills High School


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It was my pleasure to have program builder, inspirational leader, and hurdle expert JT Ayers. JT starts our conversation about the importance of finding the right mentors and humbling yourself to create connections with coaches who are doing things right. These networks are critical for our growth into better servants to our community. Next JT and I discussed the five key things to build a program from scratch. He dives deep into each one and how to apply that in multiple settings to truncate the time it takes to become successful. He talks about the importance of being your genuine self and lay roots within your community. JT and I open up about our faith along with its role in our life as coaches/educators. Coach Ayers then treats us with a detailed explanation of how he develops hurdlers and an elite level along with balancing the logistics of running such a traditionally large program. Coach Ayers is a walking, talking, lightning rod, and by the time we were done talking I was ready to run through a wall for him!

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