Episode 15 Companions of the Compendium Illyan Chamov Mizzou's Record Breaking Jump Coach


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Illyan and I had one of the deepest training conversations yet on this Podcast. We went into hyper detail about his training design. Anyone listening to this talk is given an advanced primer into the coaching world of jumps. His talk along with my discussion with Rob Assise a few weeks back will give you what few clinics can provide on jump training. We talked about variations of key principles and methods for different jumpers. We discussed his priorities training choices. He broke this down day to day, week to week, and month to month. I had the world of jumps opened to me at a deep level. Even though the focus of the talk was on the jump events, coach Chamov's ideas can be applied across all sporting pursuits. Especially, in regards to speed and power events. Make sure you have a pen and notebook ready. As Illyan takes us through a clinic on coaching the jumps.

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