Episode 20 Carly Fehler Multi-time Individual NCAA Champion and Sprint Coach


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I had the pleasure to have Coach Carly Fehler on my podcast. Carly brings a unique perspective as an elite multi-time national champion athlete in DIII track and field and now as a coach at UW-Parkside. Carly honored me by diving deep into her personal background both as an athlete and coach. We covered a lot of ground and subjects. I have been a fan of Coach Fehler for a bit so this was a personal treat for me. We talked about her rise from an above-average high school athlete who had been battle-tested through a lot of adversity to reach the top of her level again and again. injuries, shaping culture, the pressure of winning a title, and becoming the hunted! We discussed how her injuries led her to be inventive with her work in the pool not only for rehab but improving her mechanics along the way. From there we discussed how to build confidence through her female athletes in the weight room. Carly opens up about how she gets her athletes to move better through a unique set of warm-ups and drills. Allowing her to keep things interesting for her athletes and empower them to make decisions on what they like to feel read for practice or competition. Entertainment is important in Carly's philosophy. Coach Fehler dives deep into why it's important to train personalities and not genders. She wants her athletes to be able to lead when a coach is not around. Coach provides an excellent explanation for why some groups have friction and how to reduce it. Fehler takes us deep into how UW-Parkside how they handle difficult conversations by actively leading their team in designing a covenant that the athletes agree to for the coming year. Coach also describes how to figure out the truth behind the personalities of recruits to maximize the coach to athlete and peer to peer relationships on the team. Fehler is also working with a couple of post-college athletes. She discusses the fun opportunity it provides one on one.

BONUS: Carly and I dive deep into ideas, concerns, and solutions to keep women in sports after high school. She had questions for me at the end of the Podcast. Turn about is fair play as they say! This one is GOOD. You will want to listen for sure!

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