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High School and Club Coach Sean Burris is one of the principal founders of the #criticalmasssystem and Coach of World Youth Record Holder Justin Robinson.

Coach Burris's athletes have accumulated numerous state team and individual titles. His athletes have set national records through the USATF and AAU track & field. One of the best-kept secrets in high school coaching everywhere coach Burris is at records seem to fall. Coach Burris was also a key contributor to the book the Sprinter's Compendium and my mentor. Known as a 400-meter specialist coach but has also guided All Americans in every running event from the 100-800.

Coach Burris discusses is the athlete-centered system. He clears up the misconceptions about his program. He details how he developed his system and the common traps coaches fall into. He discusses the strategy behind what he does to sequence training, the importance of recovery, and spells out the truth in why some coaches have a hard time implementing correct training.

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