Ep. 60: Makenna Johnston - How she ended up buying Julia Child’s home


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Buying Julia Child’s home in France! Who does that?! Makenna Johnston does. And it happened through a series of events that could only mean that it was truly meant to be hers. Not only does Makenna manage owning a business where people can take cooking classes or rent Lapeetch, but she’s also a successful Business Coach as well.

Makenna’s energy is infectious as you can tell from this interview. She was meant to be an Entrepreneur from the beginning, starting with successful lemonade stands as a kid and owning her own Marketing Company as a teen. Life wasn’t all roses. As a teen, she endured a diagnosis of and treatment for Melanoma. After a little time in Corporate, life set up obstacles to push her out and opened doors for her to create her own business.

Her take on manifestation is spot on! Sometimes, we’re taken where we need to be. Listen to her fascinating story of HOW she got Julia Child’s house and created her dream business and life.

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