Ep. 72: Emily Hirsh


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At 22 years young, Emily Hirsh has an entrepreneurial drive in her blood. She loves marketing and sales funnels and has helped her husband create a Kettlebells website and business as well as her own business. She’s drawn from the businesses she created growing up to learn more about how to establish a successful business.

She has developed two aspects to her business: a Virtual Assistant Academy as well as developing marketing of a business.

How does she manage all of these business endeavors with a young family? She shares her tips on working on her business and block scheduling. Emily and I talk frankly about taking risks and failing in business.

Emily talks in depth about Facebook Ads and what it takes to make that work. You’ll want to listen to her advice on this part. She brings a lot of practical information to help you gain more ROI. You might be surprised at what she has to say…I sure was!

If you’re starting your Entrepreneurial Business, she gives great, practical advice on how to grow your audience. Her genius is that she has spent $0 on advertising. Curious to know how she does it? Consistency!!! Take a listen.

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