Ep. 74: Holly Wade: Loving Your Body through Self Care


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Holly believes that the most important PhD. you can get is YOU.

She understands firsthand the importance of learning the language of your body so that you can follow those signals. The interesting thing is that we all experience the same signals. But we’ve become such a “go, go, go” culture and view our bodies as machines rather than a living, breathing vessel that we often ignore what our body is telling us.

Holly’s experience with stress fueled her Crohn’s Disease to the point of a 4 month stay in the hospital in 2015. She knows first-hand how important it is to connect with those early signals of the body as well as how to strengthen the stress-response muscle.

We had fun with this conversation, bringing both of our passions for preventive holistic health. Listen in…and if you’re feeling stressed, you really might want to take some notes.

Oh, and if you’re ready for a little personal retreat, you’ll want to check out Holly’s Staytreat!

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