Ep. 76: Kathy Rasmussen and Samantha Parker - Becoming Your Badass Self


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Kathy Rasmussen and Samantha Parker created their first online magazine in 45 days. With their balance of business and fun, this dynamic duo knows how to get stuff done! Kathy was tired of trying to guest blog. Like most great ideas, Badassery came to her in the bathroom one morning. The magazine is about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, not just the business aspect.

When we can take off our mask and let our true self shine, we get to be badassed.

How do we get past of our fear of rejection to truly radiate our inner self? Listen to Kathy and Samantha share how to own it, decide it, and execute it.

The January Issue of Badassery Magazine is on body acceptance, evolving into self-love. In January, we’re inundated with information that says we’re not enough as we are. The badass move was to counter New Year’s Resolutions. We talk about rebellion against “New Year New You” messaging. While we have fun, we also talk REAL about embracing who we are in order to set an example for others, especially our daughters.

How can you bring out your badass? Take a listen.

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