Ep.68: Sammy Rangel - From Serving time to Serving Others


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“Repurpose your Past for Possibilities in the Future.” Holy cow! This is a powerful episode where you may want to have some kleenex nearby.

From growing up in an abusive home to trying to commit suicide at the age of 8 to a mom that tried to kill him to being imprisoned, Sammy’s personal life and experiences are nothing short of miraculous.

“Nothing was harder than making the decision to change.” What a POWERFUL statement! The mindset to believe you can do ANYTHING is the game changer and what continues to guide Sammy. Is it easy? There’s a ton of learning along the way.

We all need mentors in our life (Spiritual mentors, Teachers, Guides). Sammy humbly talks about the role of his mentor to helping him to completely change his life. He says that the softest parts of his mentor’s Spirit to open the toughest parts of his Spirit. Without giving too much away, I’ll encourage you to listen to the power that George, Sammy’s mentor, had in his life.

Sammy’s life lessons help him in growing his foundations and spreading his message. Spirituality became the center of his life. His Universal Truths on Love and Forgiveness apply to each one of us!

I guarantee, you will be moved by Sammy’s story.


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