E69: LIVE FINALE... Astros Revenge Lawsuits, NFL’s Proximate Cause, Zion MasterClass


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For the third and final leg of the live tour, we are (virtually) in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota Law School in front of their law students. The conversation was moderated by Tarun Sharma, a 2L & Vice President of UMN’s Sports Law Association.



1) 3:00 — Zion Williamson Case Update and Judge’s conflict of interest

2) 14:30 — Minnesota’s football cancellation causes Wisconsin to be declared ineligible for the Conference Title. Will the Big Ten amend their rules? We debate playing football in a pandemic.

3) 21:18 — The NFL’s liability analysis after a Buffalo Bills player tests positive for Myocarditis.

4) 26:35 — Houston Astros Lawsuits: from fans and their former GM

6) 37:08 — DeAndre Baker has now signed with defending Super Bowl Champs, Kansas City Chiefs. Did the NY Giants forget about innocent until proven guilty?

7) 43:40 — Open Q&A from Attendees


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