Ep. 110: Telling Your Story with Aaron Witt of BuildWitt


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He goes by “Chief Dirt Nerd” and he’s taking the construction world by storm with his unique ability to tell stories about the hard-working men and women mining for our materials and building our communities. While Aaron Witt hasn’t taken a traditional path into the industry, it’s one he loves, and one he thinks others should love too.

His goal as President of BuildWitt Media Group is to inspire others to think about construction and mining as a way of life through his photography, videos and lighthearted approach.

Aaron and Host Missy Scherber discuss using social media to educate and inspire your current and future workforce.

They also cover:

  • Taking responsibility for the changes happening in the industry
  • The biggest mistakes construction companies make when it comes to marketing
  • The importance of being authentic and vulnerable
  • Considering the safety implications of your employee’s mental wellbeing
  • Aaron’s first trip to CONEXPO-CON/AGG and how it helped launch BuildWitt

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