Code of Honor – How Defining Our Purpose in Everyday Actions Leads to Improved Business Performance with Guest Nicole Jansen


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Nicole Jansen shares how she helps her clients to discover their edge by providing us with real-life examples of how business owners evolved from a situation of barely-manageable chaos into organized and efficient proprietors.

She reveals that their goals were often obtained by taking a step back, or in some cases, taking time off from the business completely. She also elaborates on the principles behind an effective “code of honor” or what Nicole likes to call “rules of the game” for companies to play by.

Finally, Nicole delves into how business owners (including herself) can completely change their mindset using Tony Robbins’ Emotional Triad philosophies.

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Topics Discussed:

How Nicole’s company, Discover The Edge, actually works with businesses – 0:08

How owners of multiple franchise businesses transformed their company by discovering their edge – 1:34

How taking a day off work helped one client increase sales by 150% and reduce his work week by over 18 hours less than 30 days later – 5:47

Why not all business owners know where they are heading – 7:02

Why increasing sales is not always a good thing for struggling businesses – 9:36

Why less is often more when it comes to managing a business – 11:51

What is a “Code of Honor”? How do they differ to core values? – 14:30

How to go about changing a business owner’s mindset – 24:11

Why being able to delegate is such a crucial skill – 27:20

How the Tony Robbins’ Triad system helped Nicole make her own mindset shift – 30:47

Nicole’s contact information (including details on her upcoming book launch) – 36:11

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