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The topics addressed in this guideline include: preoperative evaluation, primary treatment, treatment options for residual tumors after surgery, and postoperative patient management. For preoperative patient evaluation, the Task Force focused on preoperative imaging, preoperative laboratory evaluation, and preoperative ophthalmologic evaluation. For primary treatment, this guideline addresses surgical resection; medical therapy; radiation therapy; the natural history of untreated tumors; surgical methodologies such as endoscopy, microscopy, or craniotomy; and intraoperative adjuncts like neuro-navigation, CSF diversion, or intraoperative imaging. For residual tumor treatment, the Task Force evaluated radiation versus observation. Additional topics addressed in this guideline regarding postoperative patient management, include the frequency of postoperative imaging, postoperative endocrine evaluation, and postoperative ophthalmologic evaluation. J. Bradley Elder, MD Manish Aghi, PhD, MD Gabriel Zada, MD Rushikesh S. Joshi, MD

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