128: TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.75 with special guest, From high risk investing/trading to dividend investment portfolio, Dividend yield, RR. BP FSFL GSK NIO KIE JLEN AMT BOO AZN SMT SPE VTY WMT PNN BME PTON TSCO OCDO Tesla Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies &


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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:
From high risk investing/trading to dividend investment portfolio
Buying stocks because you know their product/brands
Global investing
Dividend yields
Keep things simple
Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies
Tesla / TSLA
Elon Musk
Lessons / Learning
Mistakes & Improvements
Day trading / Swing trading
Compartmentalising investments
Fractional investing
Starting small
NIO Electric vehicles
Foresight Solar Fund Ltd / FSFL
Kier / KIE
JLEN Environmental Assets Group / JLEN
American Tower REIT / AMT
Rolls Royce / RR
Nuclear Energy
BooHoo / BOO
Warren Buffett / Charlie Munger
Averaging up / Averaging down
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust / SMT
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Sopheon / SPE
Vistry / VTY
B&M European Value Retail / BME
Walmart / WMT
Pennon /PNN
Construction / Infrastructure
AstraZeneca / AZN
Setting alerts
Peloton Interactive / PTON
Ocado / OCDO
Tesco / TSCO
Risks in retailers
Using alerts
Knowing yourself
Dow Jones / DJIA
S&P 500 / SPX
FTSE 100
Fear & Greed index
Skin in the game
Fear of missing out / FOMO
& more
The Twin Petes Challenge 2022 / Charity fundraise for the BACK UP Charity
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