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Hi! My name is Seth Lusk. I am a Certified Master Mindset coach working as a Self-image Coach & Empowered Health Coach. I have a decade of experience working in the health, fitness, and nutrition industry, plus university education in human psychology, human nutrition, and exercis physiology... I have the credentials to back the gift that comes naturally to me, and that is helping people heal their lives from the inside out. In this podcast I want to explore with you the concept of living your HEALTHIEST life, but with a bit of a twist from what the usual health and fitness industry are sharing. You see, as a self-image coach, I am going to show you how to build, love, and live your healthiest life from the inside out. None of this "let's hurry up and change our habits, so we can change our bodies, so we can finally feel comfortable with ourselves and love ourselves again"... No.... My approach is different. My approach is insightful. My approach comes from the heart with love. Join me here in this podcast to find out more about my work as a Self-image & Empowerment Coach, and discover how it could help you start living your healthiest life, once and for all.

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