Avaamo Conversational AI Helping Computers Understand Humans – Intel on AI – Episode 18


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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: Enterprises want to deploy conversational virtual assistants but often the technology to do the necessary natural language processing (NLP), graphing for knowledge compilation, and ingestion can be very complex and create a barrier for adoption. Abhi Sharma, a Machine Learning Engineer at Avaamo, joins the Intel on AI Podcast to describe how the Avaamo conversational AI platform enables enterprises to easily deploy high-impact conversational assistants in many different industries and verticals. He shows how Avaamo helps enterprises avoid the traditional cold start program — and because the platform is optimized for Intel Xeon Scalable processors, businesses can achieve high-performance at scale with the existing architecture they already have. Abhi also illustrates how many of the libraries and frameworks that the Avaamo solution is built upon are so fine-tuned to work on Intel Architecture that Avaamo sees incredible performance when running their AI on Intel hardware.

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