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An accomplished investment banker who transitioned to become an accomplished executive at leading tech companies including eBay and Google, Stephanie Tilenius has now set her sights on an even more difficult challenge. As CEO of Vida Health she is focused on improving the health of the chronically ill with evidence-based coaching.

Along her remarkable journey, Stephanie has been guided by wisdom from her father (“work, not worry”) and lessons she’s picked up along the way. She sees a real need in the management of chronic disease, and, at Vida, aims to leverage her experience “building great products” and leading high-performing teams.

Following up on a recent, fascinating discussion with our colleagues at Healthy Dose (see here) Stephanie reiterated in her conversation with us that she viewed her experiences at both Google and eBay as extremely positive, and felt that both companies focused on merit and rewarded performance despite some of the circumstances reported by others. She said that her experiences at these companies — and that of many other women she knew in these organizations– were gratifying ones, even if this isn’t the conventional wisdom about tech companies. She worries more, as an entrepreneur, about the world of VCs, which she thinks eventually care about returns but, in the short run, may value other characteristics that tend to favor male entrepreneurs.

We’re grateful to Stephanie for sharing her inspiring story, and engaging in such a frank discussion around a number of important topics.

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