End-to-End Predictable Network Service Performance – Intel Chip Chat Network Insights – Episode 199


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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Anton Basil, Vice President of Engineering at Veryx Technologies, joins Intel Chip Chat Network Insights to discuss the key actions Veryx is taking to provide software based end-to-end visibility solutions aligned with network virtualization and modernization. Evolving around SDN, NFV, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), IoT and 5G advancements technology is no longer optional, and Anton explains why testing equipment is so critical for network operators.

Anton describes several use cases that involve performance measurement from physical to virtual networks, cloud environments, cloud services, mobile edge cloud, as well as a definite network which is not only a combination of physical network, it’s a combination of a virtual switch, the physical switch, the core router, and the connectivity between two different data centers. Veryx engages with various network providers and was awarded recognition as a Solution Plus partner in the Intel Network Builder’s Winner’s Circle. Anton explains why this type of industry collaboration is so critical specifically to the tech and development’s delivery.

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