•Episode 112: . . .AND THAT MEANS . . . DISTORTIONS!


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This is the podcast that explains it all. This podcast illuminates and "zeros in" on distortion and explains to you EXACTLY how it speaks to you and what you do next when you hear it in your head or coming out of the mouths of those people you love. You must first hear distortion. . . which says things like, "You're less than. . ." or "You're better than. . ." and after distortion speaks to you, it will then say, ". . .AND THAT MEANS. . . something horrible, derogatory, aggressive, mean and personal about you! For example, You hear distortion say, "You are not qualified, you will never get the job!" and then distortion says, "and that means. . . you are stupid." "And that means. . . you'll make a fool of yourself if you try." "And that means, . . ."you will never be enough." LIES!! LIES!! LIES!! Distortion lies and scares you into believing lies.

This podcast teaches you to hear the lies and how to reframe the lies into Truth. This is a must listen!!

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