Strategic goal setting, endurance sports, and the creating a deeper WHY so you can live MORE with Ultra Athlete and Entrepreneur, Kat Bruce


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What would it mean to you to achieve a balanced lifestyle? Today’s guest, Kat Bruce, is here to share how she intentionally sets goals that challenge her physically, strengthen her relationships, and grow her business. Take a look at your calendar! Are you intentionally carving out time to connect with people you love? Do you have specific goals set for yourself, and time set aside to work towards them? Tune into this episode to hear how Kat fell in love with running, how she’s pushed past failure, and what it felt like finally crossing a triathlon finish line. It’s time to feel energized, enjoy life, and work towards achieving your goals!

01:00 Meet dog mom and triathlete, Kat Bruce!

02:40 How did you discover your passion for endurance training?

04:00 Lessons from exploring winter sports.

07:00 What have you gained from running and your training from the past 20 years?

10:00 Working through pain and discomfort to succeed at your goal.

13:30 Was there a specific run or hike that solidified your love for running?

17:15 How do you approach setting goals?

20:30 How to set intentions to reach big goals, and enjoy life!

23:00 “Failing” to reach a goal, and coming back to accomplish it.

29:15 Crossing the finish line on the same track that her Dad learned to walk again.

32:40 The most challenging hike.

38:00 What does the “magic of nature” mean to you?

40:15 Advice for someone who wants to get started with a new sport or running!

45:20 Where is your favorite place to travel?

47:00 What did it feel like finally crossing the triathlon finish line?

51:00 What is a book that has had the greatest impact on you?

52:20 Kat’s ideal day!

54:15 What do you need in order to conquer your day?

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