Why You're Unmotivated & What to Do to Change It


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In This Episode You’ll Learn About:

  • 5 ways to rediscover your motivation for better production in your daily life.
  • How to take aim at a clear, specific goal.
  • Building belief and faith in yourself and what you can achieve.
  • Aligning your values with what you want and the season you are currently in.
  • Creating an exciting state in order to progress and not waiting for motivation to strike.


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Show Notes:

Struggling with motivating yourself? Well, struggle no more! Today, we’re digging deep to get to the core of your motivation so you can produce the results you want to see! From setting specific, compelling targets to taking action yourself, this episode is all about one thing: building your motivation. Our 5 tips will not only help you to bring back and pump up your motivation, but they will help you understand where your motivation should come from and how you can keep it burning bright! Because at the end of the day, you are the one driving your motivation - don’t let it drive you!

1:15 Motivation and why it’s an important key to success!

4:50 Finding your specific target to aim at.

8:35 Is your goal compelling enough to want to pursue?

14:50 How can you change a limited belief and gain faith in yourself?

18:25 Are you misaligned with your goals and/or your values?

24:05 How to avoid the trap of waiting for motivation (taking action yourself!).

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