Episode 46 | Finding your purpose and mastering your goals with Coyte Cooper, Ph.D


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Coyte Cooper is an expert on many things, but in the grand scheme of things he just flat out understands people, inside-and-out. In this episode Coyte talks with us briefly about his life and path to reaching an elite level in a D1 NCAA sports program, achieving his Ph.D, how to properly set and achieve your goals, overcoming failure in goal setting (personally and theoretically), and finding your purpose and personal opportunity for greatness in life. You will walk away from this episode a better and more improved person.

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(00:00:00) Intro to Coyte Cooper
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(00:03:22) Intro to Coyte Cooper
(00:04:10) Coyte’s connection to Columbus and former Conquering Columbus guest, Tommy Rowlands
(00:05:25) Coyte’s recent move to the state of Washington & his typical day today
(00:05:50) Coyte’s childhood and upbringing
(00:07:45) Undergrad degree in Education at Indiana University
(00:08:22) Falling in love with Marketing & getting a Ph.D
(00:09:30) Achieving a goal you’ve chased almost your whole life, All-America status
(00:11:14) A lot of times when we fall short, we miss the point
(00:13:30) Going from being the big fish in a small pond, to the small fish in a big pond
(00:15:00) If you overcome enough adversity, eventually you’ll become great at something
(00:16:00) The ability to grind
(00:16:45) Ph.D
(00:20:00) Becoming a professor and the impact on others lives
(00:23:25) Transitioning from professor to entrepreneur
(00:27:10) Discovering what you love and becoming self aware
(00:31:00) “Living to the best of your ability, that’s the highest form or living”
(00:32:00) The importance of goal setting
(00:36:25) The proper steps to creating goals & achieving goals
(00:42:10) USA Cricket
(00:43:30) The Coyte Cooper Company – Creating an incredible brand
(00:45:55) A Marketing/Branding Case Study – The SDSU Wrestling Program
(00:50:00) “Live Uncomfortably” – Set BIG goals, and go ALL in
(00:53:18) Final words – every person on this planet was put here to do something great
(00:55:40) Closing remarks
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