Episode 47 | The Columbus Marathon with Race Director, Darris Blackford


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The Columbus Marathon is one of the most well-run marathons in the mid-west, and that world-class experience is orchestrated by a world-class team, backed by Mr. Darris Blackford. On this episode, we sit down with Darris as he takes us through his childhood, experiences as a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch and traveling the world, his time with the Clif Bar Pace Team, creating his first business, taking over the Columbus Marathon, what goes into running and orchestrating the Columbus Marathon, and what the future looks like for both himself and the race!

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(00:00:00) Darris Blackford
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(00:00:33) AWH
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(00:03:20) Intro to Darris Blackford
(00:04:00) How’s your day going? 180-days until the marathon!
(00:04:30) What does your day-to-day look like 180-days out from the marathon?
(00:05:58) Darris upbringing
(00:07:00) The first events Darris organized
(00:08:30) Reporting for the Columbus Dispatch
(00:09:30) Starting his first business
(00:10:30) The Pace Team & selling pace bands
(00:12:00) Working for Harley Davidson
(00:15:30) Traveling the country, selling pace bands, and running races
(00:16:45) Memorable experiences traveling the world as a reporter
(00:20:30) College, Kent State, & journalism
(00:22:00) A.D. Farrow Co. – Immersing yourself in an environment, asking lots of questions, and never think you’re too good to do anything
(00:24:45) The keys to becoming an expert in something in a very limited time frame
(00:28:00) Taking over the Columbus Marathon & partnering with Nationwide Children’s Hospital
(00:34:00) The 100,000th Columbus Marathon finisher will be crowned this year
(00:34:50) Identifying your weaknesses & handicapping those with partners
(00:42:10) The Columbus Marathon’s growth & the science behind how many people can comfortably fit on a street at one time
(00:43:00) Competing against events like the Tough Mudder, Color Run, and other marathons across the mid-west
(00:45:00) The first marathon to use Pinterest
(00:46:30) Orchestrating the experience of the Columbus Marathon
(00:48: 30) The team
(00:52:00) Revenue generation
(00:54:00) To be serious is the greatest joy!
(00:57:15) “Living Uncomfortably”
(00:58:30) Running the Badwater Ultra-marathon
(01:00:00) Don’t be afraid to ask for someones time or help!
(01:01:30) Closing remarks
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