Episode 48 | Access, Affordability, and Excellence: An interview with President Michael Drake of the Ohio State University


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President Drake sits down with Conquering Columbus to discuss his path from Chancellor at UC Irvine to becoming president at the Ohio State University. The president tells us about his early career as a doctor and clinic chief, as well as shares the story of what it was like to be at the festival at the Altamont Speedway. We go on to discuss his core principles at Ohio State – Access, Affordability, and Excellence – and how those are applied at the school. We also touch on his roles with the American Talent Initiative and the Association of American Universities.

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(00:03:20) Mike and Josh introduce President Drake
(00:05:00) What’s a typical day look like for President Drake?
(00:06:15) President Drake’s childhood and background
(00:07:00) Moving to the West Coast
(00:08:30) Medical School and becoming Clinc Chief
(00:09:00) From Chancellor at UC Irvine to President of Ohio State
(00:10:15) Some of the biggest challenges of President Drake’s career
(00:12:00) The challenge of managing people you don’t have authority over
(00:13:00) Getting people to cooperate who don’t necessarily get along
(00:15:10) President Drake’s personal focus in his early career
(00:17:00) The curious case of the Altamont Speedway
(00:19:05) The Altamont concert wasn’t “fun.”
(00:21:40) The Hells Angels for security… paid with beer?
(00:24:00) Leaving the Rolling Stones concert early
(00:25:05) Mick Jagger walking through the crowd to get to the stage
(00:27:10) The interview process at Ohio State
(00:29:10) President Drake was considering getting some elbow patches
(00:31:30) What were the key traits that made you the best for the position?
(00:33:00) The challenges of being a new President
(00:34:40) The investigation into the Marching Band
(00:35:00) Access, Accountability, and Excellence: President Drake’s role with the American Talent Initiative
(00:36:40) We have really talented individuals that aren’t getting access to our most successful institutions
(00:37:50) Working to more efficiently use need-based aid
(00:39:30) The goal is to help 50,000 students by 2025
(00:40:10) Affordability: Keeping tuition rates flat while increasing need-based aid at Ohio State
(00:41:40) The challenge of maintaining quality without increasing tuition
(00:43:00) Helping middle income families better afford college
(00:44:30) What’s the difference between Ohio State and other Universities that are raising tuition constantly?
(00:47:45) What is the Association of American Universities, and what does President Drake’s role look like?
(00:50:30) The importance of the NIH and Congress’ choice to increase the budget
(00:52:00) What does live uncomfortably mean to President Drake?
(00:54:30) “Life begins when you are at the edge of your comfort zone.”
(00:55:30) Last words from President Drake
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