Episode 60 | Alex Bandar: CEO of the Columbus Idea Foundry

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The CEO and Founder of the Columbus Idea Foundry, a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Lehigh University, and an all around passionate about knowledge and life individual, Alex Bandar joins us on this episode of Conquering Columbus – Alex talks with us about his childhood and learning to be curious about the world around him, his passion for learning, his time studying computational metallurgy at Lehigh University, how he created the Columbus Idea Foundry, where the Columbus Idea Foundry is headed, and even a short tangent on his experience with the Ketogenic Diet!

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(00:12:00) Alex’s PhD Thesis
(00:18:30) Teaching yourself a new skill
(00:21:30) The science of computational metallurgy
(00:26:30) Creating the Columbus Idea Foundry
(00:40:00) The Ketogenic Diet
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Columbus Idea Foundry
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