What is the More? Faith, Relationships, and Yoga with Amanda Green


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In today's episode I sit down with my personal yoga therapy mentor and primary teacher, Amanda Green.

Amanda candidly discusses her journey with faith and challenges she faced in her marriage. She also shares how engaging with her yoga practice and undergoing the process of yoga therapy helped her to see both her faith journey and her relationship with her husband with fresh eyes.

Amanda took her first yoga class in 2001 and has been practicing ever since. After moving from Seattle to Austin in 2010, she enrolled in a hatha yoga teacher-training program and soon after completion, she began teaching yoga full-time.

Amanda met her teacher and mentor, Chase Bossart in 2011 and her yoga practice took a turn toward a more gentle and therapeutic approach and her yoga study expanded to embrace the broader teachings of yoga. Yogic philosophy and texts, practices including ?sana (postures), pr???y?ma (breathing techniques), meditation, vedic chanting and the practical application of the tools of yoga for therapy are all a part of Amanda’s ongoing practice and study.

Amanda has over 15 years of personal yoga practice, 2,000+ teaching hours and more than 1,200 hours of yoga training. She is a graduate of the YATNA yoga therapy training program, and a certified IAYT yoga therapist.

Amanda lives in Austin, TX with her two daughters, husband, and extended family. She paints, dances, reads, writes and gardens. Amanda offers yoga therapy, small group instruction, workshops and mentoring for yoga teachers and yoga therapists in the Austin area and online.

To find out more about Amanda, check out her website: www.amandagreenyoga.com

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