Ep 512 | Veteran ICE Agent Explains EXACTLY Why Sanctuaries Are Illegal and Morally Indefensible


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Today we are joined by a veteran ICE agent to discuss the danger of sanctuary cities and the war on ICE. Nathalie Asher is the field office director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) for the Pacific Northwest. She gives us a briefing on the state of play in her area of operations and how local officials are endangering public safety. One by one, she demonstrates how the excuses for not cooperating with ICE are all new and politically motivated. Anyone who has a modicum of regard for public safety could never oppose ICE’s mission of communicating with those arrested for other crimes, regardless of one’s politics on immigration. Asher also explains how we are likely to see an increasing wave of transnational gang activity as a result of the border surge mixed with localities that provide safe haven for their operations. As for Congress, if they don’t like the laws on the books, then change them.

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'Alleged gang murderer shielded by King County 4 times:' https://bit.ly/2qiQxdT

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