Ep 513 | Everyone Is WRONG on Syria


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Everyone is wrong on Syria, not just because they don't understand the full picture there, but because they are focusing on it too much in the first place. We have a "Syria situation" right on our own border: Mexico is now losing more control to the cartels, yet none of these "hawks," such as Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, seem to care about it. I give you an update on the coming Mexican migration resurgence as a result of the cartels and what we should do about it. I also tackle jailbreak and how Soros is buying up many prosecutor races and installing public defender types who believe in abolishing incarceration. Our resurgence in crime, drugs, criminal aliens, and homelessness ties into this trend. Finally, I have the perfect case study to show you why Republican judges will never counteract the damage of Democrat judges.
Show Links:
'Why is Erdogan still allowed to fund mosques on our soil?' https://bit.ly/2qoF7W5
'So much for conservative SCOTUS picks:' https://bit.ly/2MvtDcd
'Borderland Beat's coverage of the cartel attacks:' https://bit.ly/1kVqtXo

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