Episode 9: Podcasting During The Pandemic-New Zealand's Matt Rayment and Eugene Bingham


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The Hosts of Dirt Church Radio, New Zealand's # 1 Trail and Ultrarunning Podcast

Matt Rayment lives in Riverhead outside of Aukland with his wife and three children. He is Consult-Liaison Mental Health Nurse . He also was the editor of Kiwi Trail Magazine, and Good People Run.

Eugene Bingham is a journalist at stuff.co.nz, (with 30 years of experience as an investigative journalist)

In this episode we discuss the story of how the podcast began, their approach to podcasting, the background of Matt and Eugene. We then move to talking about their experience with the pandemic, Black Lives Matter and what they see their podcast evolving into. I really appreciate Matt and Eugene taking time juggling significant time zone differences to record with me. I have been on 2 episodes of their show and I am fortunate to call them friends. We also talk on the process of podcasting and interviewing.

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Their 100th Episode Recorded Live in Riverhead!


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