A Cavalcade of COVID-19 Crackpottery


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Episode 02 | A Cavalcade of COVID-19 Crackpottery

Host: Derek DeWitt

The year 2020 has started off being defined by the global spread of the COVID-19 human coronavirus, but it's not just the illness that spreading - misinformation, disinformation, misconceptions and outright lies are also on a worldwide tour aided and abetted by social media.

We'll take a look at some of the more pervasive ideas out there, tracing them back to their sources like good epidemiologists, and also think about ways we can inoculate ourselves and others against the noise.


  1. 02:27 - What is COVID-19?
  2. 03:47 - Milestones - How We Got Where We Are
  3. 05:25 - Bio-weapon (Chinese)
  4. 11:41 - Bio-weapon (American)
  5. 18:50 - Bio-weapon (Jewish)
  6. 20:57 - Population Control
  7. 21:47 - Espionage
  8. 22:37 - A Petri Dish of Other Origins
  9. 25:04 - Postmodern Snake Oil - Preventatives & Cures
  10. 29:35 - A Selfish Justification for Masks
  11. 30:34 - Fake Silver Linings
  12. 31:32 - Mis-& disinformation, both have consequences
  13. 33:36 - How to Combat the Crackpottery
  14. 40:29 - Memes Are Viruses
  15. 41:46 - Next Steps
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


  • At 29:33, we may have mispronounced Jonathan Sather's name. We don't really care, but full disclosure.

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