Agenda 21 - This Land Is My Land


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EPISODE 24 | Agenda 21 - This Land Is My Land

A secret international elite plans to depopulate much of the earth, and enslave the rest of it. We know because they keep publishing papers about it. Like Agenda 21, a set of environmental goals created in 1992 and pretty much ignored ever since. This is really a declaration of war against freedom and the first step in the global takeover. And it starts with your land.

Yes, the New World Order is back, and this time it's about real estate, national parks and affordable housing led by internationalists who are Communists and/or Nazis and/or homosexuals.


  1. 02:03 - What is Agenda 21?
  2. 06:05 - Eeeek! The New World Order!! - Birchers, Glenn Beck & the RNC
  3. 11:22 - Same As It Ever Was - Environmentalism is un-American
  4. 12:49 - The Wise Use Movement - When industrialists & off-roaders party together
  5. 14:19 - The Sagebrush Rebellion - Greed & land use
  6. 15:51 - Watt a Jerk - James Watt was a huge tool
  7. 17:34 - Keep on Truckin' - So where's that NWO, anyway?
  8. 18:15 - Building Back Better
  9. 19:49 - Soylent Green Is People! - Useless eaters & depopulation (chemtrails, war, & COVID-19)
  10. 26:10 - The Great Reset
  11. 29:55 - The Birchers keep the faith
  12. 31:25 - The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself - A Mad Libs of paranoia, Ted Cruz & the Tea Party
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


I say that the book Wise Use Agenda was by Ron Arnold. It was actually edited by Alan Gottlieb, but grew out of a a conference held by Arnold and Gottlieb.

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