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Episode 03 | Misinformation & Pattern Recognition - Because Reasons 1

Host: Derek DeWitt

Why are conspiracy theories so popular with so many? This series of shorter episodes will look at different factors that may be responsible for conspiracy theories taking root in the public consciousness and how they spread with modern communications tools. Along the way, we'll look at motivations, science, psychology and more.

These episodes will always be shorter than the regular ones, and will always be released along with another episode that looks at a specific conspiracy, mystery or hoax. Consider the Because Reasons series to be bonus content, if you like.


  1. 01:26 - Some Stats on Conspiracy Beliefs in the US (2019)
  2. 03:14 - JFK - The Gateway Drug of Conspiracies
  3. 05:20 - LBJ & HST
  4. 07:42 - Communications Technologies
  5. 09:50 - Theories and Mis- & Disinformation
  6. 11:34 - How Misinformation Spreads
  7. 12:20 - Two Stories from Genesis
  8. 18:16 - Humans Are Pattern-Seeking
  9. 19:10 - The Law of Fives, the 23 Enigma and Apophenia
  10. 21:32 - Pattern-Seeking + Big Brains + Internet = Conspiracies
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


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